New Year 2019 and 2019 New Year’s Resolution

The end of year 2018 is fast approaching, and if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is quite normal. There   is no doubt that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. The added pressure to finish all preparations before the glam season of festivities begins is what often drives people crazy.

 This is where we stress ourselves unnecessarily and focus on trivial things while neglecting a golden opportunity to consider what we have accomplished during the year.

 That does not mean that you should stop preparing for New Year festivities. What we mean here is as we bid 2018 goodbye it is very important to reassess the last 12 months of your life. This is substantially important before setting new goals for the year ahead.

To put it simply, you need to dig deeper to think what you did not do, what mistake have you made or what could have been different.

Not all of your success can be measured on an Excel spreadsheet. Although numbers matter, they do not quantify your personal growth. By personal growth we mean your happiness and health. Make them your priority unapologetically as this is the only thing that can bring you ultimate contentment.

 So before you clink champagne glasses on the New Year, ask yourself these few questions to set the right goals for the next year.

Things to do before New Year 2019

Count Your Regrets

You must have heard people saying never regret anything in life. Whether we agree or not, this sounds unnatural. We all, at some point or another, experience things that leave us regretting. That means you cannot control the situations, but you can control your reactions to them.

 The point is that no matter what you have gone through this passing year, reflect and see how you tackled it or how your reaction could have been better. Do not hesitate to make a list, reflect and try to learn from your mistakes to move forward.


There is no denying that we all make self-care our first priority in all our New Year resolutions. But our self-care goals are often relegated. That means if you are one of those people who have been making these arbitrary resolutions for years it has to change in 2019.

Whether it is your yoga classes or any beauty treatment that you procrastinate for no reason, make sure you will make it happen in 2019.

What Difference have You Made?

This is another thing you need to reflect on before stepping in the next year. You may have been donating money or writing checks for an orphanage, but it is not enough to make you feel fulfilled. Reflect what difference have you made in others’ life. How much time have you taken out from your jam-packed schedule to help or guide someone?

Think of participating in a mentorship program or volunteering for underprivileged children. There can be a plethora of ideas you can consider to bring a positive change in someone’s life.  Choose what suits you best.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Keeping your New Year’s resolution is hard unless you are motivated enough; get the right social support and environment as it is important. You have to be persistent when it is about making lasting changes.

If you have been trying to hold on to your New Year’s resolutions for years, the following tips may help you accomplish your goals in the coming year.

1.Try to make Small Resolutions

As New Year is just around the corner, may be you have already planned to shrink your expenses, become more organized or workout more. It is great to have aspirations, but if you think you will be able to achieve all of them, then you are gravely mistaken.

 We all are naturally lethargic when it comes to keeping resolutions. Plus, if you create resolutions that are too big or too many, it will be hard to remain consistent. The key to meeting your goals is to focus on one thing at one time.

Whether it is your weight loss goal or improving your communication skills, every goal requires a certain level of commitment. That means staying focused on goal until you achieve it and then move forward to others.

2.Set Specific Goals and Achieve

If your first resolution of 2019 is to save money and you have not decided ‘How’ or ‘how much’, you will probably end up saving nothing. There have to be some definable parameters if you do not want your goals to be lost in the other task.

 That means the more specific you are going to be, the easier it will be to stay focused. For example, you want to save $50 per week by cutting down your snack expenses. This is a specific goal that can be tracked.

3.Publicize Your Resolution 

This may sound bizarre to you, but this can be one of the most effective ways to achieve your resolutions. By making your resolution public, you share your goals with your friends and family. In a way, it helps us make ourselves accountable to them if we back out.

 Not only can your friends remind you about the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, but they also motivate you to work hard.

4.Celebrate Your Small Successes

Focusing on only the end game may discourage you. It is easy to lose motivation, especially when you feel it is not happening with the pace you wanted it to be. That is why it is very important to celebrate small successes you make, even if it is not what you expected.

It will not only keep you motivated, but also make you feel you are near to achieving your final goal. You can also keep record of these little milestones.

Final Thoughts

All in all, each New Year brings a great opportunity to reinvent your personality. Do not make 2019 a year of your overdue excuses and get rid of your ‘bad habits’ with these easy tips. In addition, Eishops is here for you through your journey. We are here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.