Pet Products and Accessories

Just because you find a little snuggly canine adorable it doesn’t mean that you are suited to become a pet owner. It may seem a little harsh, but realistically owning a pet requires a lot more than you’d expected. It is not just your attention or cuddling that your pet expects from you, but it needs basic necessities. By basic necessities we mean good medical care and financial support.

Your pet’s health is as important as your own health. If not taken care of properly, your pet can become susceptible to various diseases that may be detrimental to their health. Unfortunately, around 10 millions pets suffer from malnutrition or different skin or bone disorders.

Negligence toward pets’ health can lead to serious behavioral issues that might be dangerous to you and your children’s health.

 To put it simply, your pet needs quality care that includes high-quality diet, pet exercises, grooming, immunization, and frequent vet checkups. Proper pet diet is one of the most important things that ensure wellbeing and longevity of your pet’s life.

 It is because food quality can directly impact your pet’s health. The pets which are fed high-quality food live healthier life with fewer ear infections, skin conditions, and less inflammatory bowel. 

Alternatively, proper hygiene and pet care lead to better muscles, stronger bones, improved temperament, and energy level. That means the joy of having a pet lies in providing the best care to your pet whether it’s its nutrition, grooming products, accessories, and medical facilities, etc.

 The good news is that you do not need to waste your time in finding pet products and accessories in pet stores.

E-commerce stores, like Eishops, have made pet products shopping not only a breeze, but also fun. The popular online store has a top-notch and exciting range of pet accessories. Whether you are looking for harness & collars, kitty-corner, ear muff or dog furniture for your furry friends, Eishop has everything. 

Here we have enumerated some exciting pet accessories to help you choose exactly the one your pet needs.

Pet Products and Accessories on Eishops

Sensa Snoozer

What can be better than buying a high-quality foamy cushion for your four leggie? The unique pet product conforms to your pet’s body type and relieves painful pressure points. According to many veterinarians, animals need cushion and support for both their neck and head. 

This comfy Sensa Snoozer comes with premium quality interior fabric, allowing your pet to play or rest conveniently on it.  Eishops offers an array of Sensa snoozers with unique features and stylish designs.

Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Buying your pet’s eco- friendly accessories is another way to show how much you want them to be safe, healthy and happy. Eishop has a myriad of organic pet items you can pick for your furry companion.  They are free from harmful toxins and chemical to help you maintain an eco- friendly environment for the pets.

 You can order castle baths that come with grooming goodies, like shampoos and pet washes. Plus, you can buy bully sticks, dog toys, raw food and much more from Eishop.

Doggy Don Ear Muffs

The cozy and comfy ear muffs are absolutely necessary if you don’t want your dog’s ear to get affected due to high noise levels. Improving hearing protection, ear muffs eliminate sound if your four-legged is often exposed to loud sound. The product is tremendously advantageous for dogs as it prevents hearing loss.

Dog Furniture

Your dog is a family member of your house that doesn’t only need food and water to survive, but many other things, like furniture. Eishop, in this regard, offers enchanting pet furniture that is perfect for your furry longing pet. From sofas to snuggle beds, the online stores provide furniture that is best to pamper your pet.

Dog Collars & Harnesses

Pet harnesses and collars are must-to-have items if you own a dog. It doesn’t only leash your dog, but also helps train it. If you are looking to buy multiple types of dog leashes, look no further. Eishop has some great dog leash options to maximize your pet style.

Dog Clothes

Dog clothes refer to dog coats and vests which are essential accessories if you own a stylish pup. Not just they look attractive, but keep your pet warm in cold weather. Eishop has a great range of cozy vests that are chic and very useful for your pet.

Tea for Spot

Dogs also like tea. That is true when it comes to giving your pet organic and holistic wellness. This daily brew is extremely healthy for your pet as it keeps them calm and anxiety free.

Kitty Corner

Do you own a kitty, but don’t have a kitty corner? Cats like their privacy and love to play alone. Kitty corners at Eishops are designed with sisal and carpeted surfaces to pamper your feline.  The paw-pleasing surface can be a perfect playtime for your pet.

Skipping Stones

Skipping stones can be a great dog toy if your pet enjoys running and fetching. Eishops offers the perfect stone shape skips that are easy-to-spot and come in vibrant colors.

My Dog Nose it

Another great product that Eishop offers is ‘My Dog Nose it’. It is a skin protectant that keeps your dog safe from UV rays.

Healthy Water Enhancers

 Available at Eishop, water enhancer is an easy way to encourage your pet to drink more water.

Can Toy

The ultra-durable and safe can toy is an excellent way to help your pet release their pent up energy.

Dental Chew Bristle Brushes

Eishop excels in offering unique pet accessories such as dental chew bristle brushes that are very helpful in removing plaque from your pet’s teeth while chewing.


The healthy, crunchy and delicious dog snack is a great treat for your pet. It uses natural ingredients to keep your pet fit.

Bark B-Q’

This gluten-free dog food comes loaded with Omega 3s that support bone health and promote skin health.

Grooming Equipment

Eishop has a fantastic range of grooming equipment that will suit all grooming needs of your furry friend that include nail trimmers and hair clippers.