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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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I love my new MacBook Air, it came as expected

S. Taylor

Chips price, good charge capacity and good looking I love it.

Mary c Brin

I love it. Simple to carry and long lasting charge capacity. Love it very much.

Abby wiggs

I’m using this for work. It’s perfect to toss in my bag and go. Charger live also very good.


I love it very much. So speed and no disturbing, No problem face, I use it long time so nice.


We've only had this for a short time, but so far it's been great. My daughter uses it primarily for online school. She loves that it's so lightweight, and the keys light up, and it's pretty fast. So far no negatives.

S. Combel

Very good quality products. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


My new favorite pants! Soft material, squat proof, great color, and awesome side pockets. No annoying seams at the bottom of pants either.

V. Robinson

Update: the sage green color shows sweat noticeably(see pic). Doesn’t bother me, bc hey, that just means I worked hard! But just FYI for those concerned. I own 5 pairs of these. Safe it say I love them. The pockets, the comfort, the fit, the fabric— it’s all well worth the money. Before purchasing I was nervous about sweating in some of these lighter colors. I tested out the Savannah red color today (see photo) and it does show sweat but it’s really not noticeable. I was pleasantly surprised!


Everyone should own a pair of these!! They are the best lululemon dupes I have found! I love them so much that I wear them MORE than I do my Lulus...

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