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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 09 Jan 2021
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I really love this electric mini dehumidifier! It works great! We live in a older home and the windows are not great. There's always condensation all over the windows and we started noticing that our rooms, clothes, bedding, etc... have started feeling moist and having a slight mildew/mold smell. Yuck! I was looking for a small, affordable dehumidifier to try out to see if it helps any. This one works so good! We use it in a smaller bedroom that gets the worst of everything and we've noticed a definite change. It feels a lot drier and the smell is gone! Yay! I'm so happy! It's very quiet and small so you don't notice it when you walk into the room. It has an auto shut off when it gets full too. Ours fills up every 3 days so I know it's doing it's job. Very happy with our purchase. Will be buying 2 more for the other rooms in our house!

Gayle M. Joseph

I make jewelry, so I have quite a bit of metal laying around my work space in my basement. Typical of most basements, mine was always a bit damp, no matter what measures I took to keep it warm and somewhat dry. On the best days I still had to run a heater, just to warm up my space (which is large) and cut down on the dampness. This little dehumidifier, which I run continuously, takes about a cup of water out of the air everyday, which eliminates my need to run a heater and protects all of my metals. Thank you for such a quiet, simple solution!


Okay so if you're looking for this to do an entire floor of your home or anything more than a small room, your obviously didnt read the description. I am a sneaker collector and my collection must remain under a certain humidity to prevent fungus and mold and deterioration. I just moved and my sneaker room was consistently 70% humidity. I got this and its now down to 50%. Its not the best but if you're looking for this little thing to bring you from 70% to 20% in a 12x16 room... you have another thing coming. For this price this does exactly as intended.

Jude DeCoff

This product is efficient, energy smart, and almost no noise. That being said there are other small units that are more expensive that I have used that pull more moisture out of the air. This unit is unique in size and fits on the back of your toilet or sink for bathroom use when you do not have an exhaust fan. I wish the fan inside was more powerful and moved more air as my bathroom still smells like water and humidity reading is still above 55% in the hall across from the bathroom on my NEST thermostat. Bought to remove humidity issues from my bathroom. I had to get another air purifier that had UV And a more powerful fan to direct the air to the dehumidifier and then worked better.


It is very good.


Does the job! This is the perfect size for my powder room. I leave it running all day and am very pleased with my results. The noise level is similar to a small fan, barely noticeable. I would buy this again!


I bought this for a bathroom, and it's only pulling about 2-3oz per day, which isn't moving the needle on my humidity meter. This is under warm conditions of 75F and very high 70-75% humidity. At lower temps or humidities, I'd expect it to pull even less water per day. The manual clarifies this (see pics) -- they quote 9oz of water per day, but at 86F with 80% humidity!!! The equivalent dewpoint is 79F, which is to say that's insanely humid air. If the air has less water in it, you'd expect the condensation rate to slow down, and that's what I'm seeing. So don't buy this expecting to pull 9oz of water out each day. With more typical conditions, it'd be well under 3 oz per day... (These devices use a thermoelectric which has a cold side and a hot side. You know how moisture condenses on a cold cup? Same idea here. Moisture condenses on the cold side and collects into the reservoir. So the more humid the air, the more water is sweated out on the cold plate. Clearly, there was some marketing influence in spec'ing how much water it pulls out... b/c that 9oz per day happens only if you have miserably humid air) That said, the unit is pretty quiet. (The fan is noticeable if you're next to it, but across the room, it's unobtrusive.) I think this would work well for really small enclosed spaces, like closets.


This was great very easy to use, looks great! I couldn't wait to see what would happen. Shocking it pulled about 3 or 4 cups of moisture from my condo in not even 3 full day's! I can notice a big difference in my humidity level and a lot very happy with this product. For the price I thought it was small but as they say size doesn't matter and in this case it's TRUE. I want another for my master bedroom! No need to spend 100rds of dollars on those big bulky ones. This is awesome #1! That picture is a inch of water pulled in 4 maybe 5 hours. Crazy. Thanks Amazon seller. Keep it up!!!


This bottle has lasted me a long time. It makes my face feel cleaner than any other face wash I’ve tried, and if I feel some zits or acne coming on it goes to work immediately and clears it up in a day or so.


Absolutely love this stuff. Its about the same price if you have a local Indian grocer/store. It does dry out the skin a little, but in a healthy manner that ends up clearing your face. I use it in combination with face scrubs and masks.

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