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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 22 Jan 2021
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M. Ricki polet

Very cute. Looks just like the picture. Seems very durable. I just don’t like the inside, it has red and white stripes and it’s just ugly and it doesn’t go with the other colors of the backpack.


I bout this for my child for TK. So far it works great. It’s a good size for him and it is still large enough to fit a folder. We send him with his lunch bag inside and a water bottle on the outside pocket. It fits his jacket inside too. I think it was a good purchase because it has made it easier for him to open the zippers and the buckle in the front keeps it from sliding off his shoulders when he runs around wearing his backpack


This is used by my 5 year old, and it's the perfect size for her. It fits her lunchbox and her water bottle, but she is in pre-k so doesn't have anything else to carry. It feels really sturdy and is showing no signs of wear and tear as yet, but we've only been using it for a couple months. However, if this keeps up, I'm hoping to get another year out of it. And she absolutely LOVES the pattern!!! It's like this was made just for her.


So I got this bookbag for my daughter for preschool, they require a full size pack. My daughter is very small and I didn't really want her to have to carry a full size pack. Some of the reviews I read were that this was smaller than a full size pack but big enough to fit a school folder, perfect. It is exactly that. My daughter lives it, I let her pick which pattern she wanted and she was so happy when it arrived, she's been wearing it around the house. I also like that it has a chest strap. I can't comment on the durability of it because school hasn't started but if it lasts the school year I will be satisfied.

Jessica Lyons

Perfect fit! My 5 year old is starting preschool and needed a backpack that was able to fit a folder. I had previously bought him a giraffe one that is great for traveling but not for school to put a folder in there and not great if you have an iPad with the plastic bulky case/stand. Based on that purchase I noted that there was a button for “large”. It’s not too big for him and it won’t get too heavy for him either. Lastly the print on it fits his age.

Dirty Grandpa

Feel great, smell great. Best shampoo for the money.

Charmed One

Love how this cleans my hair without stripping color or weighing hair down. I have fine, straight hair but tons of it. Needed to fluff it up a bit and this does the job. Has a nice fresh smell too

Everglades Backcountry

Perfect, thank you!


Great inexpensive shampoo! Works on my color processed hair. No problem. Use to buy expensive brands like Paul Mitchel. No need!

Melody Barlow

Great product, very inexpensive. Compared to other volumizing shampoos out there this one does the trick for a fraction of the price!

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