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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 15 Jan 2021
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This is a decent smart plug considering the price. It works, and it will connect w/Alexa. The side button for manual operation works better than a front button for applications where it might be behind a dresser, appliance, etc.


Very easy to install. I use them to control Christmas lights at home. Very well integrated.

Jaron Tsukamoto

Can’t say anything bad about them. So easy to integrate with my Alexa. This item is super underrated for those looking to simplify their lives. I keep it on my speakers so they are easy to turn off and on when moving the audio jack. Works with lights too. Once you get them you’ll never go back. I’m probably going to pick up their lights as well because their system is so easy to use and at such an attractive price.

Ms. New Mexico

These cubes plugs have a slightly lower rating the the larger ones, so keep that in mind and look at your exact needs. These are perfect for lots of application. I use these to shut off a power strip with lots of vampire plugs on it. Has timer and schedules and a great I phone app that sees updates often. I'd advise against buying no name plugs, as each brand needs a different and sometimes questionable application. Caught a firmware update on install, but as always reliable. I've been using TP link for years to control bits in my home that can be difficult to reach ( I use one on a balky smart fridge so I don't have to go out to the breaker panel when it crashes) perfect with alexa, give it a try, you won't know how you lived without it. Solid out of network operation too on my iphone

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