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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 22 Jan 2021
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Paul P

Case fits ok, not 100% perfect, but good enough. There are 2 problems. The first is that the case doens't fit tight enough. It does have a bit of flexibility to it, which means sometimes the corner of the case will come off when you pull the phone out of your pocket. The second problem sucks, and it has to do with the flash. Being that the case is clear, taking pictures at night with the flash gets washed out really bad. The light refracts through the clear case and causes the pictures to get washed out. Kind of like when taking a picture when your finger is too close to the flash.


I was very pleased with my purchase, it arrived on time and as advertised. In regards to the actual case, it's nothing fancy if your trying to stay on par with the exorbitant price point of the Note 10 plus. However it seems to made of good quality material and in my situation made a great interim case while I waited for Samsung's Official case offers. One other thing I'd like to mention is, the packaging comes with warranty & contact info "in case" of any issues. This tells me the seller really cares about his/her clientele!

Gabriel Alvarenga

I just got this new case and it looks like its good quality the clear color is great to let the Aura Glow color of my note shine. The robust corners are great for accidentally drops. I also bought the Rugged Protective case but looks too big. This is like my other note 9 clear case. I love it.

josh leese

The case is very simple, light weight and easy to apply. I like how the case is reinforced in the corners and clear to see my phones Aura Finish. I know these cases don't last long due to yellowing from light exposure. At this low price I can afford to buy new one when this one runs out.

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