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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 09 Jan 2021
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This is a great, thin, sleek, attractive case; and it fits the new Fire 7 perfectly. I returned it because I have gripping issues with my hands and thus dropping issues. Would have loved to keep it. Would highly recommend it for the average person without my issues.


I like the blue color and feel of this case. It is well made and protects the fire very well. I do wish they would change the design and make the top a tri-fold instead of the triangle as it is hard to raise it just a little when it's sitting on your lap. It's still a very nice case and I think it will last a long time. If it was a tri-fold I would have given it 5 stars easily.


After I purchased this cover I realized that I could've used the cover off of my old Kindle! Same size! It is just a plastic cover for a leather price!


The color matches the fire perfectly. I was on the fence when I ordered it but I am glad I got it. I love that it is slim fit and not super bulky. I like the feel of it as well, very class and sleek. Recommend this case to anyone. I don’t know how well it would protect the fire if dropped, but we will cross that bridge when we get there

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