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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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Judy Triplette

I am very disappointed in the Eishops trash bags I ordered recently. The string breaks 90 percent of the time when I try to tie them. I don't even have anything heavy in them. At this point I am about ready to throw them in the trash an buy some reliable bags ("Husky for example)


GREAT quality, even better than the Glad stretch we’ve been buying for years. Way to go, Amazon! We’re loving ALL of your new Amazon brand products so far. Good price point on everything too.


I have been looking for a new scented trash bag and was happy to try these out. I currently use a big brand scented flex bag, but on the past 2 packages the ties have been ripping out when securing them to the can and they have punctured under minimal strain. These do not have the flex to the plastic, but seem reasonably strong. The scent is nice and mild. It will not do much against general trash can odors but is pleasant when you open the box and take one out.

Emma Hebert

These bags have a strong perfume odor. I definitely would not describe it as a "fresh scent". I tried to return or exchange but they are an "unreturnable item". Also, walmart sells similar bags for 6 cents a bag, which is about half the cost of these bags. (I found that out after I ordered, obviously)


First off I like that it has the draw strings instead of the tabs to tie which my prior supply had. The bags are also thicker than my other bags. The bag fit my trashcan perfectly just like I prefer. And lastly the price was very good for so many trash bags.

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