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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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I love this tote!! beautiful color--worth every penny!!


I love this purse. After finally retiring my old purse and getting a new one at a local store, the inside started to fray constantly. So I thought I'd look online and this one caught my eye. I love that it has a zipper on top (although each side has a gap where smaller items could easily fall out) and that the purse itself is separated into two sections (one zips and the other buttons).

D. Auten

Very cute leggings.

stephani gregg

Cute toddler pants with a little flare!

Donna Okros

Really cute

Kara McGraw

I like this because the tutu is small and attached to the pants. Some tutus are so big that it makes them uncomfortable for the person holding the baby. these are great


Adorable. Put them on under little tunic dresses to fluff up skirts

Barbara Stillson

There cute pant/skirt for young girls

Chuck Burchell

These are so soft. Great for my daughter. however they were a little too big but she can grow into them.

kaven doms

I have very happy to read the book.

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