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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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set was of great quality! Will buy again.

J.K. Rowling

Great Bed sheets nice and comfortable.


Smaller-than-expected. I will use as an everyday bag. I can put my purse in it my lunch my magazines in lieu of carrying various bags. The quality is good and lightweight. The Added Touch is the personalized name. One of a kind

Regena Carr Follow

Cute! Appropriate size for travel. Color is true to life.

Marketta V. V.

I would recommend this frame and color to anyone looking for something subtle but different!

Maame A

I would recommend this product and website

Paola on

Yes I would definitely recommend

Phillip S

Very pleased with quality, price and promptness.

Jessica T

I’ve always been skeptical about ordering glasses online but this has been the easiest and best experiences I have ever had.

T.John H

I am a professional photographer and have one suggestion. The way the glasses are lit on your site makes them look lighter when applied to your picture than they really will be. You should adjust the exposure of the glasses down about one step with the "try on " part.of of your website

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