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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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I love it, bought this foot hammock for new sit/stand desk.

Kami Gamlem

The bars that affix to the desk aren’t usable with the style desk I have. I didn’t think that through when I bought it. I’d recommend buying this ONLY if your desk style matches the one in the photo.


I have been using this for almost a year and it is great! You can adjust it to any height. It fits my super wide desk. Helps my tired legs.

Katie Spinks

I had this installed on my corner cubicle desk. It did have a tendency to slide forward because of the hooks being on two sides of a corner and because the desk was thinner than the hooks were designed for. However, I was able to place one hook behind a desk support and the other I wedged cardboard under and taped it down and it was secure. Now everyone I show wants one!

Anne C.

A godsend for people whose legs are too short to reach the ground. The metal hooks don't seem to be adjustable, which can be a problem depending on your desk. I can't get mine to securely clamp on my desk so they're just hanging loosely, but they stay in place if I don't move too much so it's fine. Clamps aren't very pretty so I keep them hidden with office stuff, but the hammock itself looks cute, and is sturdy and comfy.

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