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Pyramid Head Redesign

Publish: 02 Jan 2021
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Very durable charger cords!!!!

Maggie B

I got a new phone recently and had to get new charging cords. These are sturdy, allow quick charging and look unique from the cords others at work have to identify whose for which device is charging. The price point is good

Ricky Mac

nothing to say! It's better the other.

Maurizio S Di Salvo

Thank you eishops for this.

Ben Smallwood

Our son has sensitive skin and nothing that any of the local stores like walmart, Target ect... had anything to offer like these. Once we got them and started putting them on him alot of his problems went away and kept him and us from alot of crying from him being raw.

Chad H Worthman

Man my little guy has not blown out of these or nothing. "Yall know what I'm talking about". He is pretty sensitive to fragrance and smells. These work perfect on him and the extra padding all thru out let's us know easily when he's wet. Definitely. My go to diapers worth the extra cost I feel.


With all the harmful chemicals and toxins in manufacturing these days, my wife and I looked for organic and safer products. Some of these companies are extremely shameful, unethical and immoral... if they know that there's enough data/science out there to know that certain chemicals/materials are harmful to babies then why even use those. It's all about the $$$$. We would love to have used other organic brands but at the time of our research we saw many bad reviews for the other organic brands (e.g. leaks). When our baby started sleeping through the night (starting at around 4 months), we used sposie pads in addition to this diaper. We weren't able to find overnight diapers that were organic... so this solution worked for us.

Eric Da Silva

I love these diapers. From the beginning I was with Honest brand (which are also great) but I really wanted the pee indicator so I switched to Aleva at first. They fit very big so I then tried Babyganics, which I found had a strong chemical smell and they also stopped the indicator line after size 2, which brought me to these. I wish I had used them from the start. Only downside is they are very expensive - even more than Honest which is surprising - but worth it for me. My son is prone to rashes and regular pampers irritate his skin.


Got it today and used it today. I am not one to get my nails done to often as when I think about my nails due to they are at the perfect length- they then break off. They are very thin and brittle- so I bought the Gel polish to use and love everything so far. My nails are completely done within 10mins and completely dry. I use my hands immediately when I do get polish on them and always ruin them.


I love this little UV light. It's small enough that it doesn't take up too much room, but just the right size to do even all 5 nails at once. I followed the manufacturers directions and my nails turned out beautifully.

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