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Rainbow Necklace| Rainbow Jewelry
Sold by DG’s Beads

ESIN Code: 00019
4.5 2 Ratings & 2 Reviews


Rainbow Necklace| Rainbow Jewelry 

 From Eishops.com twisting the beading necklace using rainbow pattern beads in a new design and give you a new look.

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Product Details:

  • Made on wire

  • 16.5" pattern

  • 1" grey toggle clasp

  • Give an unique look

  • choker shaped

  • Easy to use.

  • Rainbow Beads in use

  • Colourful to look

  • Use with Any formal dress


Bought this item for a 2 year old and its great!!

Great item! I got this for my 2 year old who has always sucked her fingers. Although it hasnt broken the habit she is still young and did not want to take harsh measures to keep her fingers out of her mouth. Everytime she sucks her fingers I simply remind her to use her necklace instead. Ot keeps her fingers out of her mouth and the less sucking the less damage to her teeth and jawline. It gives the child an alternative and is very durable.

Kirstin Rosser

Great buy

Perdect for my 2 year old who has started a liking to necklaces. Very good for her to chew in while weening off pacifier. I also trust her with this as it's not easy for her to pull beads off. Overall very happy with purchase.

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Product details

ESIN 00019
Item Weight .182 Ounces
Shipping Weight .218 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name DG's Beads
Color Multi
Size 19.25"

Additional Information

Sold by DG’s Beads
Eishops Rank 758