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In Charge: Finding the Leader Within You
by Myles Munroe (Author)

ESIN Code: 1027401
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International motivational speaker and sought-after businesss consultant Reverend Myles Munroe proves that true leaders empower others to discover their own leadership gifts.

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ESIN 1027401
Author Myles Munroe
Page 224 Pages
Publisher FaithWords (November 10, 2008) (November 10, 2008)
Language English
ISBN 10 0446580465
Item Weight 14.4 ounces
Shipping Weight 14.4 Ounces

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Sold by Eishops
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Books Format Hardcovers
Publish Date November 10, 2008

About The Author

Myles Munroe is the founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries, a network of outreaches and churches headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas. He is a gifted orator and speaks to audiences around the world as both a preacher in church and parachurch settings and as a motivational speaker at large business gatherings and for other non-church organizations. He's authored more than a half-dozen books. You can visit him on the web at www.bfmmm.com.