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By Samantha D Williams (Author)
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As we know suicide is one of the most devastating but shameful things people hate to talk about. It makes such an impact but no one wants to tell others “I want to die” because it may make them seem crazy or foolish. 

Founder Samantha D. Williams is using her testimony to change lives and encourage suicide prevention.

Her new book “Suicide” encourages hope and inspiration through real testimonies,  counseling tips, coping tools, and valuable facts about suicide. This book will be released the week of Suicide prevention week September September 14, 2018. 

She breaks down how suicide of the soul & suicide of spirit makes its entrance way before the act of suicide becomes a reality.


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Grounded in faith, Williams uses scripture to connect with audiences on a journey of healing.

In third John, the Apostle John opens his letter to Gaius, who was a church leader lending support to traveling teachers. He states “beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosper” (3 John 1:2, KJV). Many people overlook the opening of this letter but one day the Lord stopped me there. This was a time where I was battling with suicidalthoughts myself.

Being raised in the church, Williams is conflicted with the notion that God doesn’t care about how you feel He just wants your obedience. There is some truth to that which is yes, He wants our obedience, but the lie is that He doesn’t care about how we feel. God’s attributes such as His wrath, graciousness and so many more show that He himself feels. The thing we must realize is that He cares about how we feel nevertheless he cares about who he has destined us to be. So, while we may be angry, unhappy, or hurt we still must remember who God has called us to be. God cares about the “whole us” not just the parts of us.

Unfortunately, when we allow things in life to interrupt those beliefs we then began to believe lies. Those lies then cause our actions to be different than our norm because then our beliefs are altered.

Williams personal belief is that life is experienced through your own testimony is that there are two prerequisites that come before that act of suicide which is suicide of the soul and suicide of the spirit. Many of us know that there are signs before such a devastating act, yet we don’t take enough time to research how to overcome it effectively without the reoccurring torment of it.

Through research and personal experience, Samantha firmly believes that the overcoming process of healing is slightly different for a believer and an unbeliever nevertheless the root of it is the “belief system”. 

In her book we will identify what is suicide of the soul, suicide of the spirit and identify some keys facts about the act of suicide. Samatha’s objective and mission from the Lord is to get people in a place of good health so they can pursue their purpose in life and be healthy individuals.

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Sold by Samantha D. Williams
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Founder Samantha D. Williams is using her testimony to change lives and encourage suicide prevention