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Black’s Law Dictionary, Pocket, 5th Edition
By Bryan A. Garner (Author)
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ESIN Code: 2389054
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Black's Law Dictionary, Pocket Edition is the top-selling paperback law dictionary for good reason. With more than 19,000 definitions from the industry-standard Black's Law Dictionary 10th, it is an essential reference tool for legal terms in a compact format.

The terms that matter most, with clear and concise definitions, are included from the legal dictionary that judges and lawyers cite more than any other. Law students, journalists, lawyers, and anyone interested in knowing the precise meaning of legal terms find this a must-have resource.

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great book.

A lot of words, and light weight. Only suggestion: come with tabs to separate the letters. A lot of looking where a word is, but once I put on my own tabs, great book.


Better than google

Extremely helpful when reading through depositions and motions. Already dog-eared after a couple weeks. Should have spring for the hard cover edition.

Nicole Saleh

Handy for Class, Lightweight

I like that I can take this with me to and from class and have a quick reference to look up terms I don't know. It's extremely light. Note: it arrived in pristine condition, I've managed to mess up the cover a bit so ignore that. It does take a slight learning curve: ie if you want to find "personal jurisdiction" you don't go to the P's, you find "jurisdiction" and it's under that along with all the other types of jurisdiction. I'll update if I have any issues with words I couldn't find. So far I couldn't find "in personam" but "personal jurisdiction" kindof explains it anyway. I'm a first year law student as of this review.


Great and Not Overrated

I'm currently a 1L law student and have used this pocket dictionary a ton since I first got it. As a student I have access to the online edition through Nexis but I've actually found this to be easier since the search tool is not always as good as you would expect and just getting to the online version can take longer than opening up this book most of the time. I also am more of a kinetic learner and have found that the print edition helps me to retain better. Plus I just love books so it's more enjoyable to me to look it up in a book than online (and in law school every small pleasure helps). Definitely recommend it. I've found it useful and more importantly more enjoyable than an online version. UPDATE: I'm now a 3L and it's true that you don't use this dictionary as much you would expect to, especially after 1L. But I do still pull it out every so often, and seeing definitions in print form helps me to remember them. I will say though that part of me wishes I had gone with the full sized version instead of the pocket edition. It is frustrating in some upper level classes, like Property, when you go to look for a word and it isn't there. If you are concerned about the weight you carry, you will find that you will get better at carrying only what you need (or just get used to tugging around a ton of books all the time). So the pocket edition is not essential. Overall, I don't regret buying it as it's been helpful enough to warrant the 35 bucks you will spend on it. Plus Black's is the best law dictionary out there. But, if you are short on money and are trying to decide between the pocket edition and the full edition go with the full edition.

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ESIN 2389054
Author Bryan A. Garner
Page 906 Pages
ISBN 10 9780314844897
Item Weight 3 pound
Shipping Weight 5 pound

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Sold by Eishops
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