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Eishops Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Sold by Eishops

ESIN Code: 51422454
4.9 20 Ratings & 20 Reviews

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Best waterproof Bluetooth speaker 2021

If you are looking for the best yet affordable portable Bluetooth speaker near me, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the answer for you. This powerful sound speaker is made with high-quality silicon plastic casing to make it last a very long time. It’s a lightweight rugged powerhouse that perfectly fits on any bike bottle holder for convenience on the go. Built-in MIC & passive radiator x2 plus Rechargeable Li Battery (1200mAh), give you 20 working hours of battery life. This speaker is the best small portable Bluetooth speaker contains passive radiator x2, bass enhanced which deliver an unbelievable powerful loud and clear sound.

Product Details: 

Durable Silicon + Plastic- Rugged casing which makes your speaker outlast all your indoor and outdoor adventures.

Splash proof (IPX4)- With a IPX4 water resistance level + its splash proof rubber coating can withstand splashes of water while bathing, showering,  at the swimming pool or at the beach – it won’t get damaged. The super strong suction cup lets you place it on any wet wall, window, door or roof without worrying about it falling.

Compatible with bike bottle holder- DURABLE DESIGN BACKED BY EXCELLENT SUPPORT – The Eishops Portable Bluetooth Speaker is made with high quality materials that can stand water, falls and tear. It's compatible with bike bottle holders for on the go. Expect to be able to use this speaker for years and years.

Built-in MIC, with hand free (phone) function - BUILT IN MICROPHONE FOR HANDS FREE CALLS - Its built-in mic lets you not only listen to your favorite songs, you can also take calls with clicking a button on the speaker and have crystal clear conversations. With a 10-meter wireless connection it can connect to most apple and android smartphone devices, mp3 players, iPads, iPod, Tablets, PC, laptops and more!

Rechargeable Li Battery(1200mAh) - 20 HOURS OF GOOD MUSIC WITH ONE CHARGE – With a built-in 300mAh lithium ion battery, this Bluetooth Speaker for showers can provide hours of good music, even at very high-volume levels. In addition to that, it can also be recharged fast! So, the next time you plan to take a trip  or plan to simply have a night in with a few good friends, remember to include Eishops Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker in every experience.

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Eishops Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth version


Product Size

7.5*2.76*2.16 Inches


1200mah Li Battery

Charging time

3-4 hours

Playback time

Up to 20 hours


ABS Plastic + Silicon surface cover

Compatible with

Mobile, MID, tablets and laptop which has Bluetooth

Audio Input

AUX + TF card(optional)

Power output


USB charge voltage




Frequency Response


Working distance

5-15 M


Red & Blue

Product weight

13 Ounces


Bring the noise!

This Altec Lansing Soundbucket is great for outdoor activities. The rugged, weather-proof construction is obvious, but what is surprising is that the stoutness does not make the controls cumbersome to use. The sound quality is excellent and the volume levels are plenty for any campfire or backyard party. Pairing is effortless from both Android and iOS devices. The wireless charging feature is very convenient, but for my large-screen phone I found that it just about charges evenly with my discharge rate. I can keep the music going without discharging my battery, but my charge level will be the same when I’m done and remove my phone from the Soundbucket. The speaker's power on “Welcome to Altec Lansing!” intro is a bit gratuitous, but overall I’m highly satisfied with this outdoor speaker.



Used this speaker today for the first time and it left my friends and I speechless. I was a little apprehensive and should have tested it prior to our cookout. I have several small Bluetooth speakers and the sound was a little more than ok BUT this speaker packs a punch. My guest thought I had several speakers out playing with the sound that came out. The speaker is huge and I love the fact that the top glows and glows in different colors. The speaker also isn't some little fragile piece of equipment, my grand daughter kept falling over it by accident and the speaker didn't scratch or dent or skip a beat. I like how rugged it is and I love the size. I initially thought it would be bulky to carry but it's actually perfect. I was so amazed with the speaker that I totally forget to try charging my phone. Even without charging my phone, this speaker is amazingly awesome.

Joe Myers

Great BIG Sound

I have worked around the audio industry for many yrs and have used Altec Lansing quite a bit in car audio. I have always been impressed with their quality and the clarity. This particular speaker checks many of the modern tech boxes very well. There are no issues linking/syncing over bluetooth. Its really big and produces quite a bit of sound. Which is really good for parties, job sites, pool side or at the beach. The battery life is incredible! The textile feel of the buttons is ideal and overall it gives you the sense of durability. The lights may not be for everyone but its a cool feature to have. Especially for parties. If you have a phone that can be charged wireless, this has the Qi feature to even charge you phone. The price seems high but when you actually see this in person and hear it, you will think you have an entire entertainment center in your hands.


Best portable Bluetooth speaker

I like everything about the portable Bluetooth speaker. First and foremost, it sounds great and will play at very loud volumes. But that's just there beginning. Now realize that sound quality is subjective and audio purists may snub their nose at this but it's not a five thousand dollar audiophile speaker. It's a great sounding portable party speaker. It's also IP67 Waterproof, which means it can be submerged into water 3feet deep for 30 minutes. It's also dust proof. It has a wireless charging pad on top of the unit to charge your QI enabled smartphone. It has a nice carry handle like you would find on a bucket, hence the name. It has a 7 color changing LED light on the top and can pair with up to a total of 50 speakers for whole house sound. It's really an amazing speaker well worth it's price. Buy one, or better yet two or three! You won't be disappointed.


Love this portable speaker!!!

Altec Lansing really got it right with this Bluetooth speaker! It has a great sound. The sound was clear, even at louder volumes. We used it outside in our large backyard for our son’s birthday party and it was perfect! Things I like: - Excellent sound quality with decent base. It has a down firing subwoofer - Connects to Bluetooth and the range is fantastic (100 ft range- we tested it at about 50 ft and there were no issues). - Can connect to Siri and Google voice assistant. - Multi colored lights that flashes along with the music (kids loved this feature). - Floats in water (I wish we had a pool). - Waterproof - Portable. Easy to bring around with you anywhere. - Can be used to charge your phone wirelessly (if you have a wireless capable charging phone). - Fantastic battery life. Besides the initial charge, we’ve only had to recharge this once. What I didn’t care for: -Nothing! This exceeded our expectations.

S. Beck


What a speaker! This thing is seriously heavy. It states it would float but I won't be trying that anytime soon. It's too expensive to do a test like that. However - I do like the fact that it's water, snow, beach proof. I have other Altec Lansing speakers that are mounted to the ATVs so I know they're rugged and weatherproof! I have no reason to believe this beast would be anything less. It states the charge lasts for 10 hours. I paired with my phone and started to play music. Loud and clear sound. What was even better - You just lay your phone on the top of the speaker and it charges the phone while playing the music. I have found only one drawback. There is no adjustments for the bass and treble. While the bass is booming and the sound incredible. I prefer a bit more treble in the music and I can't adjust for that. No worries though, this is going to be my outdoor sound system and I'm happy! One person found this helpful

Eleanor Michaels

Great speaker, brings the party to life!

This has been an excellent Bluetooth speaker that is meeting my needs very well. I have mostly been using it around the house, but it has also performed exceptionally well at several outdoor events. It’s not at the upper echelon of sound quality, but it’s rather good, and it garnered several positive remarks from my friends when I set it up and started playing. The Bluetooth connection was simple, quick, and the range was very reasonable. My phone doesn’t have compatibility with the charging function that comes with this speaker....but how convenient! One additional feature that I love is that it is waterproof (or at least down to like 5-6ft, which is plenty). In the summers, my friends and I like spending time at the lake, and the occasional tubing trip. This speaker (with its excellent battery life) will be just the right sound system for us to bring along.


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing volume and sound quality, great features!

In short--the sound quality is absolutely amazing as is the battery life and features (wireless phone charging, lighting moods). The trade off is this is a large speaker. If you are willing to sacrifice weight and size for volume, quality and features then you will love this speaker! We took the sound bucket with us on a weekend beach trip and was very impressed by how well suited this particular product is to the outdoors. The battery life was long and we ended up never having to charge it the entire weekend. The design of this speaker is durable sturdy and waterproof , which makes it perfect for any outdoors activities like camping, boating or the beach. I also like how portable it is with the gripped handle despite the speaker itself being so durable and large. The sound quality of the speaker is pretty good with lots of resonant bass, and while I’ve heard fuller better tones out of other speakers, I think as an outdoor and travel speaker it sounds great. The phone charger, Bluetooth linking, and light features all work without any problems. Overall I love this speaker as my new outdoor speaker. Would recommend to anyone who wants a larger life proof speaker for the outdoors. One person found this helpful

Captain Awesomeness

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy Bluetooth connection with 9+, works well wired with TV for audio and every day use.

Audio works well with bass possibly dissipating depending on distance from speaker. For water-proofing it is advised to put some protective tape over the inputs (see pic 2 & 3 for area). I've used the speaker outdoors, indoors, and wired to my television. It can work in concert with other speakers as well. It depends on the situation but one of the reasons I'm thrilled is I have a 3D TV I use at times and wired speakers work best. So, this device is an upgrade from what I was using before plus I can easily Bluetooth sound from my computer and phone anywhere I want. The bass is fine for me but to each their own. The video I uploaded includes "Fight the Power" but I have it on at Normal as opposed to bass heavy to hopefully give people a decent idea. My experience is the range where one "feels" the bass is less than what one has from a giant car audio playing such music to upset others and make their windows vibrate. The "directionality" also works well for group gatherings to have it more in the center of a room or on top of a picnic table, so there aren't areas people feel left out because they're behind the system or you have to set up the system against a wall which makes placement more restrictive.


Incredible speaker

So we've had this Altec speaker for over a year now, and it has been an absolute workhorse. It's been used from nights by the backyard fire pit to trips across the country to the Sierra Nevada and campgrounds by the ocean. It's been bumped around, knocked over, a drink stand, and used by a toddler as a seat (because they thought it was funny that their 'butt is singing'). The outer housing has some dings and scratches, we've had to clean super fine sand out of the nooks and crannies, and the speaker has gotten wet more than once after being left outside during a surprise rain shower. Aside from looking a little worse for wear, this speaker works just as great as the day it was taken from the box. Sound-wise this is a fantastic speaker. Zero complaints about too much treble or bass, sounding tinny, or odd crackles when turned up to full volume. Doesn't matter if it's hard rock or Disney show tunes, it all sounds amazing on this speaker. Connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth is fast and easy. Doesn't matter if the device is Android or Apple, there isn't any trouble with signal. Multiple devices can connect with this speaker at once if you want to alternate between playlists on different devices. The speaker won't automatically rotate between connected devices, however. A person still needs to manually alternate between devices and playlists - a minor inconvenience. The light feature that lets it sync to the beat of the music is kind of cool, but isn't really necessary. Power-wise, this is yet again a fantastic device. You can run it either on battery power alone or with a charging cord plugged in and connected to an outlet. On a full charge this speaker will run for several hours even if you decide to charge a phone or two via wireless charging (set your phone on the top) or via charging cord (not included) plugged in to the speaker. If you want to use this speaker without connecting it to a power source, it does take awhile to charge but that's not surprising. Just make sure that you plan ahead and give it enough time to charge. Speaking of using this to power other devices, we've used this speaker as a backup battery a few times during power outages to provide either emergency charging or run a rechargeable fan or light. Honestly, we love this Altec speaker for listening to music and podcasts. It's fine that this isn't some dainty little speaker that can be inconspicuously hidden. There's a handle to carry the speaker with, and it's not that heavy. The trade off of excellent sound and a speaker large enough to broadcast that sound over a large area is more than worth it. Same holds true for the price point. You get a seriously dependable, long lasting, amazing sounding beast of a speaker.

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Product details

ESIN 51422454
Item Weight 2 Pound
Shipping Weight 3 Pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name Eishops
Color Black & Blue

Additional Information

Sold by Eishops
Gift Wrapped Yes
Product Warranty No
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