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Antonio Melani Stelena Suede Ankle Strap Pumps Shoes
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Antonio Melani Shoes Stelena Suede Ankle Strap Pumps 

Do you want comfortable and fashionable shoes in one?
Antoni Melani Pump Shoes or Antonio Melani Strap ankle strap high heels shoes are one of them. It's a fancy fierce with the leather stripe. With braided styling and bold fabric buy from eishops.com.  This pump shoes red party, date night, anniversary party, and family dinner too. So try these most fashionable stripe high heels now!!

High heels may turn your outfit up a notch, but they can wreak havoc on your body. ... Poor posture, shortening of the Achilles tendon, and low back pain is other ways that heels can harm your body. If you wear one or two-inch heels on a daily basis, you probably won't experience serious health issues, says Dr. So these shoes can be the best option for you girls who are also aware of their health condition. 

Beginners learning to walk in high heels often want to know which heels are best for starting out. While opinions vary, most experienced heel walkers will recommend a sandal with a secure strap across the toes. This helps you feel what is going on with your new gait as well as preventing your dainty foot from being unnaturally squeezed as you take your first steps. We also recommend that the first-time high heel wearer invests in a shoe with a secure ankle strap too. Very pretty shoes like backless heeled mules are more difficult to walk in and are best left out of the beginner’s wardrobe in case they slip off. Our Antonio Melani shoes have back straps so it is highly comfortable and secured to use. There is no chance of getting hurt on your legs. So you must try this. 
Antonio Melani suede shoes are the most common fashionable shoes for women to look classy modern and beautiful. Its color leather quality and ease to walk make it the best outfit for any part.  These Antonio Melani body loafers are so much flexible to wear and also your feet do not experience any scratches. So try it now!!

These Antonio Melani shoes are perfect for the ladies with high fashion wear for parties or the red carpet. It's perfect both with formal dresses and gowns. Buy these flexible Antonio Melani suede shoes from eishops at the most reasonable price now!!


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These Antonio Melani shoes are perfect for the ladies with high fashion wear for parties or the red carpet. It's perfect both with formal dresses and gowns.

Product Details:

  • Elastic gore ankle strap.
  • Leather Lining 
  • Leather sock lining with Antonio Melani shoes logo stamp 
  • Leather outsole with Antonio Melani logo 
  • Approx. 3.3" heel

Buy these comfortable, stylish high heels now!!


Product details

ESIN 61222334
Item Weight 2 Pound
Shipping Weight 3 Pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name Melani Stelena
Manufacturer Melani Stelena
Manufacturer Part Number
Color Primo Vino
Size 9

Additional Information

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