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6pcs Paint Roller-Smart Paint Roller Applicator
Sold by Eishops

ESIN Code: 74NVT2C963E
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Multi size, no limited for wall texture, any wall can be painted.
No water leakage, and can stick more paint, save time and effort.
When you slide around the jig and curve, you don't need tapes to get those perfect lines.
The paint pad is 8 times higher than the traditional paint brush, 5 times higher than the traditional paint roller.

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●Upgraded Material: More durable, no dripping & no spilling, making the painting work easier.
●Convenient Refill Mode: Allow you to pour paint into the roller easily without mess or drips, keeping .
●Seamless Sponge Roller: Painting evenly.
●Large Roller: Large painting area.
●Triangular Brush: Specially used to deal with narrow corners and can be used to paint gaps.
●Triangular Cone Paint Bucket: Easy to pour paint. There is scale lines on the bucket, so the dosage is clear.
● Wide Applications: Mainly used for wall painting, coating, painting, etc.

Material: plastic: PP, brush: flocking, metal: steel?
Expansion rod length: 31cm/12.2in, can pull length to 47cm/18.5in?
Large roller head: 19. 5*21cm/7.68*8.27in
Small roller handle: long 25cm/9.84in?
Roller diameter: 10cm/3.94in
Brush: 20*6.8cm/7.87*2.68in?
Cup: upper mouth length 20cm/7.87in, upper mouth width 9.3cm/3.66in, bottom length 14.5cm/5.71in, bottom width 6.4cm/2.52in, high 15cm/5.91in
Groove: long 21.9cm/8.62in, wide 11.9cm/4.69in




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Sold by Eishops
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