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Excellent Pancit Canton Noodles- 16 oz
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Excellent Pancit Canton Noodles- 16 oz  

Is a tasty and best-flavored noodle favorite of both kids and teens. To remove your hunger pancit canton noodles are the best partner for you. This excellent pancit canton noodles loved by both young and teens almost known to all ages people. You can try these noodles with favorite flavor sauces, shrimp, chicken, and egg combination. This is also healthy as you can add some vegetables with it. So try these tasty pancit canton noodles from eishops.com now!!

Pancit noodles are the perfect Pancit canton recipe for people of all ages. you may add:

  • fish sauce 
  • the pork 
  • soy sauce 
  • black pepper 
  • green beans 
  • saute garlic and onions 
  • chicken broth 
  • oyster sauce 
  • Stir noodles with the mixture. Get a perfect Noddles recipe. 


Noodle dishes are easy to prepare, filling, and tasty, but they’re not always the healthiest meal choices. A package of Ramen noodles makes for a quick, hot lunch, and you may love a big bowl of spaghetti, but they’re not quite as nutritious as you’d like them to be. There’s a wide variety of healthier noodle choices out there. Try one of these healthy noodle options to add more variety and nutrients to your next meal! You can make your own noodles out of squash as a healthy, nutritious alternative to dried noodles from the store. Use a spiral cutter designed to make “zoodles” or zucchini noodles, cook Spaghetti Squash and pull out the noodle-like innards, or use a vegetable peeler to create a pasta stand-in from your favorite squash. Try some out and find your favorite! These Pancit Canton Noodles are tasty and healthy altogether. So you should have it!!

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Product Description:

  •  Perfect for stir fry

  • Asian pantry essential.

  • Imported from USA.

  • Pack for two

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Item Weight 16 Ounces
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