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Jovees Thyme and Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 250ml
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Jovees Thyme and Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 250ml 

Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Thyme & Tea Tree prevents the recurrence of dandruff and strengthens hair.DetailsAnti dandruff, the herbal shampoo contains thyme, tea tree, copaiba balm, lemon. It has been produced scientifically using precious herbs and botanicals that have proven therapeutic properties to treat dandruff and bring vitality & give strength to the hair.    How to Usenet hair. Lather and rinse thoroughly.Qty 250ml.

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  • Dandruff Control

  • Strengthen Hair

  • All-natural Ingredients extract

Hector Espriu

Gets rid of dandruff

Gets rid of dandruff!! Be sure to follow up with a good deep conditioner or your hair will be crunchy!!

takera johnson

Glad I found this

I've been dealing with dandruff for as long as I could remember, tried different shampoos, some which somewhat helped but then gave me greasy hair, or that smelled kind of funky so it was a pain to deal with. So I am super glad that I found this shampoo by the second use I could see almost complete difference of no dandruff. Cant speak highly enough of it. It smells great, and does its job.



I will buy it again. My head skin became uncomfortable when sweating. But after I used it. I felt great.



Same as other anti dandruff. not much differences.

Hatem H.

A very good product

The best product I’ve used to fight itch


Works on dandruff

I use this shampoo on a alternative basis with other shampoos... I haven’t had any dandruff since then

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Product details

Item Weight 250 pound
Shipping Weight 270 pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name Jovees
Manufacturer Jovees
Manufacturer Part Number MP4651454

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