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Rii RK100+ Ultra slim Gaming Keyboard
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Rii RK100+ Ultra slim Gaming Keyboard

Rii RK100+ Ultra-slim Gaming Keyboard is the  gaming keyboard USB wired with multi-color LED backlights perfect for who wans a perfect gaming set up.
gaming keyboard for gaming and office ,not the real mechanical keyboard,,but it worth more.
Support Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.PC Laptop Pad Google Android TV Box HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS Raspberry Pi all version.

Why Choose It?

  • Professional Mechanical feeling backlit gaming keyboard for Desktop,PC, gaming and office ,not the real mechanical keyboard,,but it worth more.
  • Support Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.PC Laptop Pad Google Android TV Box HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS Raspberry Pi
  • Rainbow backlit with breathing light,FN+Light(right of FN) to enter into breathing light model.press Light button for three times
  • Standard 105 Keys full size keyboard, with 11 special designed multi media keys combinations.and the keyboard.Size:17.1 x 5.3 x 0.9 in
  • Automatically enter sleeping mode 10 minutes without operation and backlights off,any key pressed will awaken and backlights on.

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Product Description
*keys:104 keys
*Backlit:Multiple mixed Colors
PC/Mac OS/Chrome OS/Linux OS

LED Backlit:
FN+Backlight key Turn on/off the Rainbow lighting breathing by
pressing the “SL”key.
FN+Page up/Page down key increase/decrease LED lighting brightness.
FN+F1-F12 to unlock different functions for each buttons.

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Quiet keyboard & good quality!

I'm loving this keyboard so far! Very good in price, and it's the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. One of my friends told me that he doesn't hear anything with my keyboard. Sounds quiet.


Love the backlight!

Very cool keyboard! I had this saved ever since I came across it and just last week my keyboard went up and I knew exactly what I wanted! This key board makes seeing the letters easier with the back light. Other models where You can change the color options were way more expensive and this is just as nice to look at. All in all pleased with the product. So far it works! ?


Great keyboard for the price

Great keyboard for the price. Pretty durable and seem as if it will last a while as long as you don’t beat it. The colors can only be in a rainbow pattern. Definitely worth it though.


So worth the money!

The feel and look of this keyboard is fanatic. I added a few close ups so you can see what the font and color look like. If you hit the button that looks like it has a sun symbol in it, the light will turn off. Hitting the Fn key and the sun symbol will make the colors slowly turn on and off which looks really awesome. I am incredibly happy with this keyboard. You can't beat it, especially not for the price. 100% pleased.

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Product details

Item Weight 50 gm
Shipping Weight 60 gm
Item Condition New
Brand Name Rii
Manufacturer Rii
Manufacturer Part Number 117919

Additional Information

Sold by Eishops
Eishops Rank 635