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Alexa Smart Plug | A Certified for Humans Device
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Alexa Smart Plug | A Certified for Humans Device

Alexa compatible smart plug certified for humans program announced last year. Its frustrating free setup makes it very much comfortable. 
Alexa smart plug Certified for Humans is an Amazon certification program for Alexa-compatible devices that identifies high-quality smart home experiences across setup, usability, and performance. Certified for Humans devices are struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. This is the wifi smart plug that maintains your command according to your instruction. This smart outlet plug is the best smart device that helps to do your task with less effort. It lets you voice control your lights, fans, coffee makers, and more. It should be controlled through the Alexa app installed on your phone. 

Why choose it?

  • Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.
  • Certified for Humans - Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it's actually simple.
  • Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.
  • Simple to set up and use—plugin, open the Alexa app, and start using your voice.
  • Compact design keeps your second outlet free.
  • No smart home hub required—set up routines and schedules through the Alexa app.

Use the Alexa app to create routines for your Smart Plug that make life easier—all you have to do is ask. For example, you can create a morning routine that turns on lights and your coffee maker with a single request. Buy this Alexa Smart plug from eishops now!!

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Make your home smart

Smart Plug lets you voice control your lights, fans, coffee makers, and more. All you need is an Alexa-enabled device like Echo, Fire TV,

Fire tablet, Sonos One, or even just the Alexa app on your phone. And with multiple Smart Plugs, you can control multiple outlets.

Set up helpful routines

Use the Alexa app to create routines for your Smart Plug that make life easier—all you have to do is ask. For example, you can create a morning routine that turns on lights and your coffee maker with a single request.


With Away Lighting, Alexa can automatically turn connected lights on and off to make it look like you’re home when you’re away.

To use Away Lighting, all you need is a light connected to an Smart Plug and the Alexa app. Connect your plug to a lamp, then let Alexa know when you come and go. 


Use your Smart Plug to turn on and off compatible devices that have a mechanical on/off switch. Click here to test if your device will work.

Certified for Humans

Introducing Certified for Humans, smart devices for non-experts. Struggle-free, tinker-free, and stress-free. No patience needed. Setup with Alexa is simple and after that, it only gets better. No more waiting on software updates or unresponsive devices. It’s smart home made easy. Learn more.

With Wi-Fi simple setup, you can make your home smart in a snap. All you need is the Alexa app to control your outlet from anywhere.


Tech Specs

Smart Plug


3.2” x 1.5” x 2.2” (80 mm x 38 mm x 57 mm)


3.5 oz. (98 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by manufacturing process

Electrical Ratings

Input: 100-120VAC, 60Hz 15A
Max Output: 15A Max

Network Connectivity

2.4 GHz only, 802.11 b/g/n. Does not support 5GHz networks or connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.


For indoor use only.


Smart Plug is optimized for simple setup and exclusive use with Alexa. Smart Plug does not support other voice assistants or smart hubs.

Alexa App

The Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices. A list of supported operating systems can be found .

Warranty and Service

. Use of Smart Plug is subject to the terms found .

Included in the Box

single-socket 3-prong Wi-Fi plug, Quick Start Guide.

Setup Technology

Wi-Fi simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their Wi-Fi network in a few easy steps. Wi-Fi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter. Learn more .

Customer Service

Customer Service team is available 24/7 at the Smart Plug 

Indoor Antenna TV


Decent plug for the price

This is a decent smart plug considering the price. It works, and it will connect w/Alexa. The side button for manual operation works better than a front button for applications where it might be behind a dresser, appliance, etc.


For people who just like to control small low draw devices it is a great device

Very easy to install. I use them to control Christmas lights at home. Very well integrated.

Jaron Tsukamoto

The most underrated smart home product

Can’t say anything bad about them. So easy to integrate with my Alexa. This item is super underrated for those looking to simplify their lives. I keep it on my speakers so they are easy to turn off and on when moving the audio jack. Works with lights too. Once you get them you’ll never go back. I’m probably going to pick up their lights as well because their system is so easy to use and at such an attractive price.

Ms. New Mexico

Hard to beat TP-Link

These cubes plugs have a slightly lower rating the the larger ones, so keep that in mind and look at your exact needs. These are perfect for lots of application. I use these to shut off a power strip with lots of vampire plugs on it. Has timer and schedules and a great I phone app that sees updates often. I'd advise against buying no name plugs, as each brand needs a different and sometimes questionable application. Caught a firmware update on install, but as always reliable. I've been using TP link for years to control bits in my home that can be difficult to reach ( I use one on a balky smart fridge so I don't have to go out to the breaker panel when it crashes) perfect with alexa, give it a try, you won't know how you lived without it. Solid out of network operation too on my iphone

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Item Weight 100 gm
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Brand Name Amazon
Manufacturer Amazon
Manufacturer Part Number 646161851

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