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Cottonelle Ultra Soft Toilet Paper | 6 Family Mega Rolls
Sold by Eishops

ESIN Code: B07ND3MW45E
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 Cottonelle Ultra Soft Toilet Paper | 6 Family Mega Rolls 

With Comfort care  Cushiony Cleaning Ripples 2-ply toilet tissue uniquely designed BUY Now  From Eishops.Com

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Bath Tissue with Cushiony CleaningRipples is premium soft, 2-ply toilet tissue uniquely designed with a soft, cushiony CleaningRipples Texture that removes more. Three times thicker & two times more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading value brand. Biodegradable, clog-safe, septic-safe, and sewer-safe – breaks down after flushing. Made with plant-based fibers. No harsh chemicals or dyes. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Stock up and save! Order toilet paper in bulk and get Cottonelle delivered right to your doorstep. And for a Refreshing Clean versus using dry bath tissue alone, add Cottonelle Flushable Wipes to your bathroom routine.

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Product description

  • Contains 1 pack of 6 family mega rolls 
  • Premium soft 2-ply toilet paper with a Cushiony CleaningRipples Texture that removes more at once for a superior clean vs. the leading value brand
  • 3X thicker & 2X more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading value brand
  • Biodegradable - clog-safe, sewer-safe and septic-safe – made with plant-based fibers
  • Pair with Cottonelle FreshFeel Flushable Wipes for a Refreshing Clean

It’s Here! My precious.

Fast reliable service. Thank you Kimberly-Clark. Thank you Amazon. I ordered the package early morning on April 08, 2020 and it was delivered to me before 11AM on April 11, 2020. One day earlier than the originally estimated date of arrival. This Cottonelle Toilet Paper feels good, it’s strong enough for me, and it gets the job done. Pair these with some Flushable Wipes for that Fresh and Clean feeling. No time to be picky with today’s shortage on toilet paper. The shelves of my local stores are still empty and shoppers are still going crazy. I’ll take what I can get with much appreciation. It wouldn’t matter to me if it’s 1 Roll or 24 Rolls. I’m thankful. Most importantly my Mother and Sister are happy that we’ve got toilet paper. Their happiness is all that really matters to me.

Adam Pates

6 of 1 a half dozen of the other Supper soft but not quite as strong as standard Cottonelle.

Cottonelle Ultra is a really good toilet paper but it is quite as strong not as strong as regular Cottonelle, so it’s really a question of which do you prefer strength or softness. I was trying to find rolls with the most sheets of toilet paper so I choose this option. It is very, very soft. Which is nice to your bum. Next time I’ll try to find the most sheet of regular Cottonelle to receive the product I prefer. It’s not a big deal but you may have a different preference. I’ll probably not choose Cottonelle Ultra next time around. But hey that’s my preference. If you prefer a supper soft toilet paper this is the toilet paper for you. I think the absorbency/speed of absorbency is about equal, but I’ve never actually “tested” the 2 styles side by side.

D. Dell

1 Ply is the best way to go.

I've found this product to be comfortable, strong, and does the job. The main feature I like is the 1 ply instead of 2 ply. The 1 ply does not plug up the plumbing as easily as the 2 ply. And with human nature the way it is, some people tend to use more paper than they actually need. It's just one aspect to think about.


Fast shipping

Great product for butts


Not Charmin, but not bad when you can't be picky!

I prefer Charmin by far, but since I am tasked with finding TP for 4 different people, I will take what I can get. The product is just fine IMO. Amazon and their workers are doing one heck of a job during this nightmare we are living through,.....Thanks folks!

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