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Scalp and Body Brush | 2 IN 1 Set
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  • ✔★2 in 1 Eco-Friendly Silicone Brush Set: The shampoo brush and body brush are made of high quality silicone, 100% ABS and environmentally friendly silicone, a must-have set for the family. Package includes: shampoo brush + body brush
  • ✔★.Silicone Shampoo Brush: Round and palm-sized brushes are perfect for your hands. Shampoos help promote blood circulation, exfoliate and cleanse the scalp, helping hair growth and fatigue. Beauty skin care
  • ✔★Silicone Body Brush: It is used to remove dry skin and clean the entire body. the soft silicone bristles remove dead skin, make the skin feel smoother, do not damage the skin, benefit sensitive skin, and help deep cleanse the body to give you a clean and fresh skin
  • ✔★Tip: The eco-friendly silicone brush set is made of silicone material. the shampoo brush will not damage the hair and scalp. the body brush will not damage the skin, which is very suitable for children or the elderly
  • ✔★Service Mission - Provide a 100% money back guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction.

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►Premium ABS and silicone materials do not contain any harmful substances

A scalp care massage brush for dandruf

-exfoliating, and shampoo massage. Stimulate the meridians. Promote blood circulation. Relieve fatigue and beauty. Skin care, relieve fatigue and stress, relieve itching, reduce hair loss, and design a uniform massage brush for the scalp.

The body brush is uniquely designed for your health and beauty

-The soft silicone bristles remove dead skin, make the skin feel smoother, do not harm the skin, benefit sensitive skin, and help deep cleanse the body and massage your body. Improves the softness and texture of the skin, tightens the skin to help digestion, stimulates metabolism; relieves fatigue, promotes sleep massage to increase blood flow, eliminate toxins, reduce excess fat, and is suitable for any type of skin.

►The role of 2 in 1 silicone brush

Relax the scalp muscles, relieve stress, massage the scalp, relieve itching and promote blood circulation.

Increase blood circulation, strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth

The design fits perfectly into your palm and is easy to hold and use

►Product specifications: dry brush body brush and shampoo brush

Remove grease from dead skin cells and scalp

? Material:High quality ABS and silicone。


►Shampoo brush specifications


?Weight: 70g

?Color: Rose


►Body brush specifications


?Weight: 70g

?Color: purple


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Product details

Item Weight 50 gm
Shipping Weight 60 gm
Item Condition New
Brand Name AddGuan
Manufacturer AddGuan
Manufacturer Part Number 418941

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