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Germ-X Hand Sanitizer, Original, 10 Fluid Ounce
Sold by Eishops

ESIN Code: B085S2K14NE
4.2 5 Ratings & 5 Reviews

$8.99 $15.99 44% off

  • Kills 99.99% of germs without water
  • Effective at eliminating 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds
  • Moisturizing with Aloe
  • Tough on germs - Soft on Hands
  • School supply essential for classrooms
  • Complies with temporary TSA policy "allowing passengers to bring liquid hand sanitizer containers up to 12 ounces in carry-on bags until further notice."

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Product description

Germ-x Aloe hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E and Aloe kills 99.99% of germs. Encourage your employees and patrons to stay healthy with a Sanitizer effective at eliminating 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria.




No hand pumps, great product

Smells and feels just like regular Germ X! Got it at a good deal considering the climate we're in. I wish I ordered more than one. It doesn't come with a pump so keep that in mind :)

Megan Silver


Good sanitizer. Strong smell with an aloe finish. My only complaint is that the nozzle squirts out too fast. I get a lot more sanitizer then I want with each squeeze even when its a gentle squeeze. The size is for Corona times. Would have prefered a pump top but beggars cant be choosers. Had to wait weeks for anything to become available so grabbed what I could. Germ-X brand is always quality sanitizer.



Arrived faster than expected and were the correct bottle sizes.

Michelle Rider

Wrong kind but works the same

Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020

Amazon Customer

One very satisfied customer

Received my order as described in description sooner than expected. One very satisfied customer here. Thank you to all the workers who made this delivery happen. Stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Product details

Item Weight 10 ounces
Shipping Weight .10 pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name Germ-X
Manufacturer 53
Manufacturer Part Number

Additional Information

Sold by Eishops
Eishops Rank 7