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The Politician's Wife (DVD, 2004)
by Microfit Computer and Digital Products

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Product Information

Juliet Stevenson turns in a powerfully nuanced performance as a jilted housewife bent on revenge in this suspenseful British miniseries of political and sexual intrigue. Stevenson stars as Flora Matlock, the dutiful wife of smarmy, Machiavellian politician Duncan Matlock (Trevor Eve), a social-climbing member of the conservative Tory party.

When Flora discovers that Duncan has been having a longterm affair with a former prostitute (Minnie Driver), she teams up with political rival Mark Hollister (Anton Lesser) to plan her husband's personal and political downfall.

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UPC - 0054961711796

Product Key Features

Format – DVD

 Genre - TV Shows, Drama

 Director - Graham Theakston

 Rating - NR

Additional Product Features

Leading Role - Juliet Stevenson, Minnie Driver, Anton Lesser, Trevor Eve

 Film Country - United Kingdom

 Release Date – 7/6/04

 Number of Discs - 1



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