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Amelia Angel the Rag Doll Baby Doll
Sold by Odd Peanut

ESIN Code: 749730978486
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Hi, I’m Amelia!
You will just love me! I’m an Angel! No really I am!
I’ve got brown hair made out of fleece. My maker has it in twisted braids, one on each side . Please note: Her hair is a little uneven (see pictures). Getting used to working with fleece.
I hope you like my dress! I’m wearing a satin white top and my skirt is two layers! The top layer is white tulle with silver stars and the bottom layer is white satin- my favorite! So pretty!
I wear a pink belt with a star pillow at my side. I love naps and one must have a pillow for naps! I have been made with great detail! I also have silver wings on my back! See, I told you I was an angel! Only angels have wings!
My shoes are silver mary janes (You know… to match my dress! )
My face is also embroidered! My designer made sure I will have black eyebrows, brown eyes with two white dots, black eyelashes, nose and a mouth. I even have rosy cheeks! My maker thought of everything! I am definitely shorter than you...14 Inches high! Will my next home be with you?

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She is made with high quality fabrics- polyester - so not to irritate the skin. Her clothing cannot be removed. She will arrive in simple lightweight packaging (a weatherproof envelope)

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UPC 749730978486
Item Weight 6 Ounces
Shipping Weight 6 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name Handmade
Color White
Size Medium

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Sold by Odd Peanut
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