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Clear Coffin Fake Nails-ECBASKET Full Cover Ballerina Artificial False Nail Tips Long Ballet Nails 500pcs 10 Sizes
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Clear Coffin Fake Nails

Clear coffin fake nails are longer and perfect for the person who loves long ballerina nails. Long ballerina acrylic nails artificial nails types are so strong they don't bend and they are of excellent quality. At first secure the nails with acrylic powder. File your nail bed add primer and put a ball of wet acrylic as glue and they will not come off for at least 2 weeks. You will need a tool to wipe off the acrylic under the nail and around the cuticle. Full cover ballerina Artificial nails need not polish, just added rhinestones and get so many compliments. People will think you get them done at the nail shop. 


Why Choose It?

  • ★High Quality Material &1-3 Weeks Long Lasting★ECBASKET coffin nails in bags are made with high quality ABS material that will last at least 1-3 weeks.ABS is kind of green enviromental material and makes the nails durable,breathable,light even no pressure on your own nails.Fit well to your natural nails.Non toxic,No smell,No harm to your health.
  • ★Coffin Shaped Design★Ballerina coffin nails sounds strange there is a more advanced than the average square finger nail but make finger slender and longer type,which is popular began in LA to the whole world and known as "Ballerina Nails" .Nice holding the color without separating or streaking.Clear acrylic nails is a must have for the fashion icon.
  • ★Various Sizes & Perfect Length★ECBASKET 500pcs coffin fake nails with bags offer 10 different sizes with 50 nails,which is pre-numbered 0-9.So,you can easy to mark it and keep track of, meet more finger nails.
  • ★Practical Application★ECBASKET coffin false nails in bags are great for nails salon,DIY home nails art.Perfect to be used on wedding ,prom ,dating, suitable for Halloween, Christmas ,Valentine's Day and other festival.Wonderful as gift for girlfriend,family and friends.
  • ★Quality Guarantee★Any problem or question,just contact us through Eishops message center,we will get back to you in 24 hours.
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ECBASKET Coffin Nails



  • Shape :Full cover coffin nails,ballerina acrylic nails
  • Color :Natural/Clear
  • Package :10 sizes,50pcs/size,totally 500 pcs in individual baggies
  • Material : High quality ABS
  • Occasion : Spa, Home, Salon, etc.


Here is the ecbasket nails size details width(in)*length(in)


  • size 0: 0.52*1.28;size 1: 0.51*1.28;size 2: 0.45*1.22;size 3: 0.43*1.20;size 4: 0.39*1.17
  • size 5: 0.38*1.16;size 6: 0.34*1.13;size 7: 0.31*1.11;size 8: 0.28*1.07;size 9: 0.26*1.05
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  • 1.File and clean your nails;
  • 2.Select the correct size fake nails for each finger;
  • 3.Apply glue to nails;
  • 4.Apply thin layer of glue to nails;
  • 5.Starting at cuticle, then press on and hold for about 5 seconds;
  • 6.File & shape your new long coffin nails if needed and begin your nail art job.














Nails is very good



Saddle up, this is gunna be a long one. So, I'm ballin on a budget and not afraid of it. I like my glam, LOVE getting my nails done but my girl I go to is like $60 and up. Literally can't afford it anymore so I started playing around with glue ons. Some of them are fire I won't lie, but I like to paint them etc, but I can't do my own acrylics to save my life. Stumbled upon these and thought, "Meh, what the hell.." WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS GENIUS! Now, they come out of the box LONG AS HELL.. I use my dogs nail clippers (don't judge me, there is a guard on them with which I use to measure out how much I'm cutting them) and cut them to length. File them flat a bit, stick them on those long toothpicks with sticky tack and paint/decorate them. Once they're dry I just clean up the cuticles, buff the nail and glue them on. Y'all, the compliments I get on my nails is insane. These are THE MOST STURDY GLUE ON NAILS I HAVE EVER EVER EVER EVER USED!!! PLEASE TRUST THE STRANGER REVIEWING THEM!! THEY'RE THE TITS!!! YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE!!!! I tell everyone about them.. Literally every set costs me PENNIES!! And they last like sometimes 2 weeks before I want to change them. I have to remove them, they don't pop off. Amazing.

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