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Color Block Owl Brooch
Sold by IslandCollectionz

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Color Block Owl Brooch

Brooch is the modern lucrative ornaments for women to add a different look with their outfits. Design gems fit for every day wearing home or office, gift to communicate your affection for your mom, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, valentine, family sister, brother companion. extraordinary present on Halloween, birthday, mother day, wedding father day, anniversary, Christmas, baby shower, bachelor party, back to school, christening, business-gifts, bridal shower, confirmation, engagement, first communication, graduation, grief mourning, housewarming, easter, independence day, St Patrick day, new year. This lovely owl brooch Great craft brooch with a tight pin, not easy to lost, Pin length is 1.1 inches. In some cases, brooch for women are a sign of elegance. This is also used as the brooch for groom in the wedding season. Buy Now!! from eishops.com 

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  • Color Block
  • Red, Orange, Purple, Black
  • Rinestone Embellishment

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Item Weight .01 Ounces
Shipping Weight .01 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name IslandCollectionz
Color Red, Orange, Purple, Black
Occasion Semi Formal

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Sold by IslandCollectionz
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