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Stainless Steel Faucet Kitchen Model MS1008 || Sink Faucet At Home Depot
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Stainless Steel Faucet Kitchen Model MS1008 || Sink Faucet 

Stainless Steel faucet kitchen is the regular-based needed things for our daily kitchen work.  The sink faucet at home depot is a necessity for every family, we are so proud that your life has been made different by our efforts. Our core mission is to provide our customers with healthy and high-quality water solutions.

Leakage is reduced thanks to a robust copper connection and a pre-installed pull-out kitchen faucet hose.
On the stainless steel kitchen faucet hose, the plastic fast closure has been removed. Leakage, hose damage, and installation time are all reduced as a result of this.
Aerated Stream with a Uniform Cut|| A modern kitchen faucet aerator with a uniform cut that produces softer water and prevents splashing. The brushed nickel kitchen faucet allows for more convenient cleaning.
Clean a Larger Area || A kitchen faucet with an extended 24" pull-out faucet hose and a 360-degree swivels nozzle provides a wide range of motion in all regions of the sink. IMPROVEMENT YOUR KITCHEN.

Product Details:

Exceptional design: Your brushed stainless steel kitchen sink faucet, with its 14.2” height, will fit beneath more than 99 percent of kitchen cabinets. Your needs are met with this utility sink faucet, which has a 360-degree turned spout for complete sink access.

Faucet for the kitchen sink that is long-lasting: Your stainless steel kitchen faucet, which has been treated with a 7-layer finish processing, is strong and rust-free. The sus304 stainless steel kitchen faucet is heavy-duty and long-lasting, with a high-quality sprayer head. Its superb quality assures that it will last for more than ten years.

Safe sink faucet: Compared to other kitchen faucets on the market, this kitchen faucet is built such that cold water flows out while pulling forward. PRIORITISE YOUR SAFETY, PARTICULARLY FOR CHILDREN!

Three-function water: This kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer lets you choose between a non-splash aerated stream, a strong spray, or a pause, making it easier to do a variety of culinary activities. Spend more time with your loved ones.

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Product(stainless steel sink faucet, stainless steel kitchen sink faucet, stainless steel sink black faucet) Information:

1. Ceramic cartridge 35mm, cartridge brand is optional
2. Stainless steel 304 for the body, stainless steel for single handle
3. With M10x1xF3/8x400mmx2pcs or other size inlet flexible hoses
4. Surface treatment: brushed/painting


Up to date, useful and easy installation

I wanted to upgrade an old kitchen faucet. I am extremely satisfied with this one. It looks beautiful and sturdy. The spray mode works so well. Plus it is the easiest to install. My husband did it in about 5 minutes. On top of everything, the faucet fits under the kitchen cabinet perfectly. I totally love it!

Mr D

See my comments below

This is installed on my outdoor kitchen counter bar type sink. First off the manufacturers customer service was excellent. Probably the best I ever got. The faucet works fine and is a good choice for my use accomplishing what I needed without spending a lot of money. It has a counterweight on the hose below the cabinet that got caught on the sink's drain pipes but the customer service rep pointed me to a Moen 159060 Pullout/Pulldown Hose Management System (Hose Guide) which works great. Problem 100% solved so I recommend this faucet for the type of applications it's intended for which is bar type sinks. It's a good value and the Brushed Nickel finnish seems to be holding up to the tough outdoor Florida envireonment.

April T.

So easy to install and looks/works great!

This was the EASIEST faucet I have ever installed in all my faucet replacements (bathroom and kitchen) over the years. I have a very hard to reach area between double sinks and the back of my cabinet to try to get my hand in to tighten. I originally purchased a Delta Leland because it was the same style as all my faucets/fixtures in my house. It came with a regular round bolt for fastening, and I just could not get it tightened all the way. There is just no space. Plus it was bulky and more traditional looking. I wanted more sleek and modern after seeing it in. This faucet matched my Waterdrop under the sink water filter faucet exactly (highly recommend those also) and was less than half the price of the Delta. So I went for it knowing/expecting to go through this crappy installation frustration all over again. Well, that wasn't the case! The mounting "bolt" on this is a large plastic cone that you twist until it tightens. It took 45 seconds and I got it tight thanks to the long length of the cone. The water lines went on smoothly (no tape needed) also. Sometimes it's hard to line those up just right, but this was perfect. Not to mention it is beautiful and has awesome pressure/function. I am one happy customer! Thankfully the Delta came off WAY easier than it went on. lol

Frank M.

Easy to install, fully functional

I can't understand why other pull-down faucets cost five times as much as this one or more. It was easy to install and it works smoothly. No drips, even on first installation attempt. I like that both the hot and cold hoses are about two feet long. My old faucet needed extension pipes to reach the shutoff valves, and that made it a real pain to install and remove. The one downside I've found is that it makes a humming noise at low flow rates.

G. Wernette

Good faucet, couple of annoyances

It is a good-looking faucet and it functions well. The instructions are well written and Illustrated. It is a good value for the money however there are two points that prevent a five-star review. 1. The counterweight doesn't retact the extended sprayer head. It needs to be a little bit heavier. I can always add additional weight but you would think someone at the manufacturer could have easily figured at this out. 2. The faucet resonates when it is in use. I thought perhaps I had not tightened it enough, so I got a nephew of mine to really tighten the fixture on the sink, but the resonance still continues. It doesn't seem to affect the flow of the water, but it is just a little bit distracting. It doesn't make a difference if it's the hot side or the cold side, anytime water is flowing through this faucet there is a resonating tone. I don't really have any other alternatives to send this faucet back. I need to have a working sink, putting up with the extended sprayer head that doesn't retract, and the annoying Buzz is inconvenient but I can put up with it


Fantastic value. Easy to install, beautiful, functional and water efficient

Great value! We had a 20 year old Grohe faucet from a plumbing store in town. Our hard water destroyed it. I didn’t want to pay $300-500 for a replacement. This is a great value. I love the height of the spout. Installed in 20 minutes. My one complaint/comment is that the sprayer is very forceful. I have to turn down the water flow before I use it or I’m basically taking a shower. Great for water conservation, though. Pro tip to use sprayer: Turn water off. Set flow to spray. Slowly turn on water to avoid taking a shower in the kitchen. Voila!

robert thompson

Looks good, installs easy

Faucet with built-in sprayer, in brushed nickel, looks great. Purchased a $5 deck plate on Amazon to accompany the faucet and it's a perfect fit. The faucet seems to be a good quality, and was very easy to install, includes built-in supply lines which are 3/8" to attach to supply valves, should fit most, may require adapter in rare occasions. The operation and use of the faucet feels great, as long as the materials are good, this faucet should last a very long time. I will most likely purchase from this company again.


I love it, it's everything that I looked for.

I love it. Having the built in sprayer is so convenient. And the faucet is high enough to get my taller pots under it, in the sink. It was fast & easy to install, the instruction sheet is very easy to understand with pictures of everything. The faucet works better than I expected. I looked at a lot of other faucets and most were very expensive, they looked just the same. I got the better value for the better price. My counter top is made of pressed wood with a laminated top (built in 1950), with the original double sinks and I had no problem with the fittings going through it. The fitting that go through the hole are plenty long enough, the holes are on the back of the sink it self, not the counter. But it would have fit through the counter if needed, the fitting is long enough.



It look nice and good quality. The only thing that I had a hard time with while installing was when I tried to lock the faucet in place (so the whole faucet won't move around). There was two rings, the metal one and the plastic one, the instructions say to keep those two rings together while twisting the bottom part to lock the faucet in place. I did what the instructions said and everything was tighten like how it's supposed to be but I can still moves the whole faucet back and forth. I been replacing faucets for a while now so I know how to install it. I was so confused cause all the faucets that I had replaced before never had that problem. I thought maybe I might have done something wrong, so I followed all the instructions steps again and it still turned out to be the same thing. I decided, instead of using two rings, let me try using only the plastic ring and it was perfect. It finally stopped moving around!! It was sample to install and would have been easier and better if the faucet would've stayed in place thr first time before having to take out the metal ring. Overall, I like the faucet. It's pretty sample and easy to install if it stop moving around the first time of installing.

2 Mean Marines

Great product

Looked a many different options to replace a 13 year old faucet - name brand, but won't mention which one - and this is far superior to that name brand. EASY installation, LOOKS beautiful, PERFORMS wonderful. The ease in pulling the sprayer and returning it to its resting place is so much easier, would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to upgrade the look, performance and easy use.

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Product details

ESIN 1008
Item Weight 60 Pound
Shipping Weight 3 pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name SPRING
Manufacturer Yuhuan Kang’erda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
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Sold by Www.faucetproducer.com
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