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Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders
By R. E. Shaeffer (Author)
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This beginning volume provides an introduction to building structures and materials that can be used by either architecture or construction professionals. The book treats the essential topics in statics and mechanics of materials and provides an introduction to structural analysis that emphasizes a qualitative approach to structural behavior. Topics of discussion include structural properties of areas, stress and strain, properties of structural materials, shear and moment, flexural and shearing stresses, deflection and indeterminate beams, beam design and framing, elastic buckling of columns and trusses. For architectural and construction professionals and enthusiasts.

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Author R. E. Shaeffer
Page 497 Pages
Language English
ISBN 10 0130928771
ISBN 13 9780130928771
Item Weight 1 Pound
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Sold by Eishops
Version 4th Edition
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Books Format Hard Cover