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By Carol A. Wehrheim (Author)
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As modern persons struggle to cope with the many commitments that consume our lives and the increasing--and seemingly insurmountable--demands on our time, Carol Wehrheim offers this much-needed work. In Getting It Together, she offers a direction toward relief, showing how a Christian foundation of faith can provide a sense of balance amidst the struggle. Each chapter begins with a selection from Scripture and concludes with a spiritual discipline. Including both a participant's section and a leader's guide, Getting It Together is ideal for group study.

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ESIN 2345790
Author Carol A. Wehrheim
Page 128 Pages
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press; 1 edition (September (September 30, 2002)
Language English
ISBN 10 0664225829
ISBN 13 978-0664225827
Item Weight 8 ounces
Shipping Weight 8 Ounces

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Sold by Eishops
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Publish Date September 30, 2002

About The Author

Carol A. Wehrheim is author of Getting it Together: Spiritual Practices for Faith, Family, and Work