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God Tells the Man Who Cares by A.W. Tozer
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God Tells the Man Who Cares by A.W. Tozer

"God has nothing to say to the frivolous man." — A. W. Tozer

Tozer became best known during his years as the editor of The Alliance Witness. This book contains 39 of his incisive editorials designed for people who take time to listen to God. Titles include "The Responsibility of Leadership", "Divisions Are Not Always Bad" and "Pragmatism Goes to Church".

Product details: 

  • Paperback, 214 pages
  • Published December 12th 1992 by Christian Publications (first published 1970)
  • Original Title
  • God Tells the Man Who Cares
  • ISBN
  • 0875095089 (ISBN13: 9780875095080)
  • Edition Language: English

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