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Lethal Weapon 4
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Lethal Weapon 4

The fourth installment of the "Lethal Weapon" franchise finds Mel Gibson teamed up with reluctant partner Danny Glover, Renee Russo, Joe Pesci in another explosive adventure.


Richard Donner


Mel GibsonDanny GloverJoe Pesci




English [CC]

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Lethal Weapon 4 is a 1998 American buddy cop action film directed and produced by Richard Donner, and starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo, Chris Rock, and Jet Li (in his international film debut). It is the fourth and most recent installment in the Lethal Weapon film series.
So much better than the third installment if only because everyone has better hair here:
(a) Riggs' mullet, which was fine in the first two, was dated by the third and should have been shorn
(b) Rianne shorn of nearly all her hair in 3 is back to normal
(c) Leo has finally accepted his male pattern baldness and lost the ridiculous frosted hair

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