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Palestinian Shemagh Military Army 100%Cotton Arab Tactical Keffiyeh Mens Winter Scarf
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Shemagh Military Army 100%Cotton Arab Tactical Keffiyeh Mens Winter Scarf


100% Cotton scarf. 

The shemagh Arab scarf keffiyeh– also called a keffiyeh and ghutrah – originated in the Middle East. They are a scarf-type wrap commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well as to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. This cotton scarf for men is extremely useful for summer heat and sun and winter cold as long as they are kept dry.
Today it is well known that the arab scarf keffiyeh is a symbol of resistance and solidarity in the Arab countries and in Palestine in particular. But the root history is said to go back to the Sumerians in Mesopotamia (the civilization of Sumerians and Babylonians in West Asia in 3100 BC).

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100% Heavy Cotton Hand wash cold

★ 100% OF COMFORTABLE AND SOFT COTTON. This Keffiyeh aka Hatta is very comfortable to wear because it protects from heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fibers and layers. Cotton is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body and lets you stay comfortable

★ BIGGEST SIZE ON THE MARKET. This kufiya is 47 by 47 inches that is over 15 square feet of awesomeness. The size makes it versatile in its applications. You can control layers and shape depending on surrounding conditions

★ AUTHENTIC BLACK AND WHITE PATTERN FROM THE ORIGINAL CREATORS. As old school as it gets. Regardless of why you want to wear one, be it a bold fashion statement or a sign of solidarity, this arab scarf is the one to get. It is made in a city of Hebron with much love. This is the real deal!

★ The Original product (heavy cotton)

Product details

ESIN 58852706
Item Weight 230 Gm
Shipping Weight 250 Gm
Item Condition New
Occasion Casual
Fabric Pure Cotton
Pattern Textured
Type Others
Suitable For Others
Fabric Care Regular Machine Wash
Generic Name Scarf
Ideal For Women
Pack OF 1

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