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Polly Princess Rag Doll Baby Doll
Sold by Odd Peanut

ESIN Code: 749730974839
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Hi, I’m Polly!
I’ve got pastel green hair, my maker has it in two high ponytails, one on each side and I wear pink embroidered crowns in them!
I hope you like my dress! The top is the same color of my hair! It also has an embroidered crown on it - my favorite! My skirt has two layers of lace with white polka dots and a white satin underlay. So pretty!
I have a white lace collar around my neck. No worries, it doesn't itch at all!. It has been made with great detail!
My shoes are pastel green (You know… to match me! ) My face is also embroidered! My designer made sure I will have eyebrows, brown eyes with hearts, a nose and a mouth with rosy cheeks. I am definitely shorter than you...16 Inches high! Will my next home be with you?

Polly is one adorable creation-
She makes for the perfect first doll or toddler doll
She is made with high quality fabrics and cotton blend- so not to irritate the skin. These fabrics also make it possible for Polly to be washed easily! You can wash her on cold in a laundry mesh bag. Air drying only. Her clothing does not come off
She will arrive in simple lightweight packaging (a weatherproof envelope)

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UPC 749730974839
Item Weight 6 Ounces
Shipping Weight 6 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name Handmade
Color Green
Size Medium

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Sold by Odd Peanut
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