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Restricted Nations: North Korea by The Voice of the Martyrs
By The Voice of the Martyrs, P. Todd Nettleton (Author)
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North Korea regularly tops the list of the most restricted nations in the world today.

Those inside North Korea are forced to worship their government leader as a god. While many in the country suffer in darkness under a cruel regime, a small light is shining. That light is the piercing light of Jesus Christ’s message of hope.

A few North Korean believers are brave enough to return to the nation which once imprisoned them, to share the message with those who are dying there.
Learn the story of the suffering church in North Korea. These testimonies of steadfast saints will give you the strength to live boldly for Christ. Read how people in North Korea live! Be ready to pray on their behalf!


Knowing lot about north Korea..

It is very exciting to know about the history.. Known a lot by reading this book..surely recommended.

Sy Lee

Great summary of the history of the church in North Korea

I'm glad I was given this book. It is the story of God's grace through-out the history of North Korea. It chronicles both the successes and shames of the church in North Korea. It tells of the atrocities that North Korean Christians have endured and continue to endure to spread the gospel of salvation in their closed country. There must be something special in the Gospel, if so many are willing to sacrifice so much to bring it to their countrymen.


Interesting history

I am currently only halfway through the book, but stuck there. I purchased the book after reading another book on North Korea. I was interested in knowing how the gospel was being spread in such a controlled country. I was hoping that there would be more current info, but so far it is a look at the history of Korea. I believe it went back to the 1800s. While it is interesting to see how the pattern of control has been consistent through history, it is not the current information that I was seeking. It may contain more current events towards the back of the book.

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ESIN 5511007
Author The Voice of the Martyrs, P. Todd Nettleton
Series Restricted Nations
Page 112 Pages
Publisher Living Sacrifice Books (2008)
Language English
ISBN 10 0882640305
ISBN 13 9780882640303
Item Weight 10 ounces
Shipping Weight 10 Ounces

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Sold by Eishops
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Publish Date 2008