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Revelation Unveiled | Novel
By Tim Lahaye (Author)
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Revelation Unveiled | Novel

Revelation Unveiled lays the Scriptural foundation for Left Behind and Tribulation Force. Buy Now from Eishops.com 

Filled with references to the novels, this commentary helps readers get an in-depth grasp of the book of Revelation from a premillennial view.

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The Biblical Foundation for the Best-selling Left Behind Series . . . In the sparkling of an eye, a large number of individuals over the world evaporate, bringing about interstate calamities, plane accidents, utility breakdowns, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Confusion rules. With the stage set, a tyrant rises who aggrieves Christians horrendously. Be that as it may, adversity is going to offer approach to extraordinary happiness - for the arrival of the King of Kings is close by. In Revelation Unveiled, Dr. Tim LaHaye, co-creator with Jerry Jenkins of the top rated books Left Behind and Tribulation Force, uncovers the scriptural establishment of this arrangement. Disclosure Unveiled clarifies such basic subjects as: - The satisfaction of the congregation - The Return of Christ - The Great Tribulation - The Final Battle against Satan and His Hosts - The Seven Seals - The Millenial Reign - The Seven Trumpets - The Seven Bowls of Wrath - The Great White Throne - The Destruction of Babylon - The New Heaven and New Earth - Previously named Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain, this modified and refreshed editorial incorporates various graphs. With straightforward and open language, Revelation Unveiled will assist you with bettering comprehend this secretive, last book of the Bible and its suggestions.

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ESIN 569012
Author Tim Lahaye
Publisher Zondervan Publishing House; Later Printing edition
Language English
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