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Sex and the City: The Complete First Season (DVD, 2000, 2-Disc Set, DVD
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The story of expensive shoes, love lives, and single girls in the city of New Year all started with "Sex and the City: Season 1". This comedy often borders on drama as it tells the story of Carrie Bradshaw, a single girl who lives in the city and gives sex advice through a newspaper column. Carrie spends her days with her three friends: Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda.

Each of the characters of "Sex and the City: Season 1" all lead different lifestyles, but through it all, they remain friends. "Sex and the City: Season 1" is the iconic start to many seasons, as well as two movies. The comedy has since won numerous Golden Globe awards. The two-disc set includes a selection of extra features. On the two-disc set, the viewer will find a documentary on making the show, a television promo spot that was run before the show started, and interactive features when it is played on a computer.




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