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Shaping Your Family Story by David W. Welday III
By David W. Welday III,;James L. Coffield (Author)
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At last, here’s a parenting book for people who hate parenting books! Every parent at times feels overwhelmed and convinced they are wrecking their kids. Some of us feel that way all the time! We want help – not judgement and a list of more things to do. We watch the stories of our children unfold so quickly. We wonder if we are doing enough. Are we making a difference in their lives? Here is a book that will support you, encourage you and help you give your kids hope and promise – without stressing yourself crazy. Shaping Your Family Story provides valuable insights on how to become the director of an incredible family story – one that will bless not only your child, but your whole family.


Helpful book.

A good book for parents..

Alli Hendrix

This book was such an encouragement to me as a ...

This book was such an encouragement to me as a mom of three kids. It reminded me of the greater perspective and purpose we have as parents. We have an opportunity to shape our family story, and this is an opportunity I don't want to slip by.

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ESIN 8934678
Author David W. Welday III,;James L. Coffield
Page 224 Pages
Publisher HigherLife Publishing and Marketing; 1st edition ( (2016)
Language English
ISBN 10 1939183863
ISBN 13 978-1939183866
Item Weight 9.3 ounces
Shipping Weight 9.3 Ounces

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Sold by Eishops
Eishops Rank 711
Publish Date 2016

About The Author

Dave is president of HigherLife Publishing and Marketing, Inc. a publishing and consulting company t