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Size Gradient Pattern Necklace
Sold by DG’s Beads

ESIN Code: 00049
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Size Gradient Pattern Necklace 

By DG's Beads navy blue beads arranged in a size gradient broken up by silver disk beads and closed in by white seed beads on either end.

Product Descripton:

  • Made on wire

  • 16" pattern

  • 1" silver toggle clasp

  • Vintage Style Stretch Bracelet 

  • Chinese Carved Yak Bone Bead 

  • Does Not Apply UPC


Color & Design..

Good Color & Design combinition...

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Product details

ESIN 00049
Item Weight 1.293 Ounces
Shipping Weight .218 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name DG's Beads
Color Blue
Size 17"

Additional Information

Sold by DG’s Beads
Eishops Rank 229

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