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Sophisticated V Won!
Sold by Platinum Delux ® cosmetics

ESIN Code: 26662688
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100% soft cotton tee, unisex


100% soft cotton tee, unisex

The executive, the architect, the college kid, whoever you are this shirt fits the bill.  We call this the sophisticated look, not sure why, but it just speaks that way.  Of course, you're in charge, so perhaps call it the grunge.  The phrase, the message, spread the victory, America!  Thirty three states plus D.C. plus, plus, plus, it's not going to stop. 

There still some fighting left from the other side, why?  The people have voted, it's time to declare it federally, The Potheads Won.  Let's get viral, let's get in their face.  

Think of the poor kid randomly searched while riding the subway, busted for a few joints, his life ruined because of a small possession conviction.  

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ESIN 26662688
Item Weight 4 Ounces
Shipping Weight 4 Ounces
Item Condition New
Brand Name Product Zone Group
Manufacturer Product Zone Group
Manufacturer Part Number
Color Green
Size M

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Sold by Platinum Delux ® cosmetics
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