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The New Illustrated Book of Development Definitions
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The indispensable book for every planning practitioner, administrator, student, or litigator! With nearly 1,800 definitions of planning, zoning, and related terms, this is the backbone volume for every planner's library.


This invaluable resource standardizes in one handy reference all the key terms used in zoning, subdivision, site plan, and environmental ordinances. The definitions are designed to be used directly in ordinances with little or no change. The more complex terms are clarified in commentaries and annotations that provide pertinent legal background and explain how the definitions may be used in ordinances.

This is an entirely new and completely updated edition of the classic Illustrated Book of Development Definitions. Completely new entries cover the most recent land-use and environmental legislation.

Written and illustrated by two professional planners with more than 70 years of combined experience in the practice of planning and zoning, this is a basic working tool and required reference for everyone involved in land development planning and regulation.

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Page 306 Pages
Publisher CUPR/Transaction; 0 edition (December 31, 1993) (December 31, 1993)
Language English
ISBN 10 0882851446
ISBN 13 0882851446
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Sold by Eishops
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Books Format Paperback
Publish Date December 31, 1993

About The Author

Harvey S. Moskowitz PP, FAICP, is a planning consultant and a former member and past president of th