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Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs
By William H. Lucy;David L. Philips (Author)
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Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs by David L. Phillips. Amer Planning Assn, 2006.




Cities ruled the first half of the 20th century; the second half belonged to the suburbs. Will cities become dominant again? Can the recent decline of many suburbs be slowed? This book predicts a surprising outcome in the decades-long tug-of-war between urban hubs and suburban outposts. The authors document signs of resurgence in cities and interpret omens of decline in many suburbs. They offer an extensive analysis of the 2000 census, with insights into the influence of income disparities, housing age and size, racial segregation, immigration, and poverty.

They also examine popular perceptions-and misperceptions-about safety and danger in cities, suburbs, and exurbs that affect settlement patterns. This book offers evidence that the decline of cities can continue to be reversed, tempered by a warning of a mid-life crisis looming in the suburbs. It also offers practical policies for local action, steps that planners, elected officials, and citizens can take to create an environment in which both cities and suburbs can thrive.


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Author William H. Lucy;David L. Philips
Page 353 Pages
Publisher Amsr Planning Assn,2006 (January 1, 2006) (January 1, 2006))
Language English
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