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TPW Longsleeve Comfort
Sold by Product Zone GroupĀ®

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This long sleeve unisex shirt is awesome!  

This long sleeve unisex shirt is awesome!  

Made of 100% cotton, you'll never want to take it off.  The design, the leaf, the struggle, the votes, the long wait, the drug busts, the victory!  Now let's declare it, lets wear it, lets teach it, The Potheads Won!

Change is never easy. Perseverance, patience, but every shirt out there spreads the word, the message, we can forever put a nail in this coffin of injustice.  Why should anyone tell us what we can do, never again.  The Potheads Won is more than just legalizing weed, it's freedom, its justice, it's the American Way.

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Sold by Product Zone GroupĀ®
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