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Wild Growth Hair Oil - 4oz/118.291m
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Wild Growth Hair Oil - 4oz/118.291m 

Start your hair growth journey by reviving your hair. This is the fastest natural hair growth treatment for your damaged hair, Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz is a easy answer for your hair care routine. It consists of an uncompromisingly prosperous plant-based formulation that hydrates, prerequisites and softens for extra manageable hair. Dry, tangled and tough to manipulate tresses will turn out to be soft, healthful and much less inclined to cut up ends and hair breakage. The healthy hair oil promotes strong, thick hair increase for all hair types. This private care product requires solely three purposes per week with solely only a few drops per use. For nice results, use this product after showering and making use of shampoo. 


Product Description:

  • Fastest hair Growth System.

  • Nourishes Damaged Hair.

  • Reduces blow-drying time

  • Softens damaged hair and detangles hair

  • Relax Stretches

  • Concentrated formula to grow hair faster.

  • Natural ingredients coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil

The formula of Wild hair growth system is generated for maximum growth of hair for them whos hair is unnourished, damaged, and not growing for a long time.

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Item Weight 4 Ounces
Shipping Weight 5 Ounces
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Brand Name Wild Growth
Manufacturer Wild Growth
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Sold by Eishops
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